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Unaltered concrete will always turn out gray. This is not really a bad thing, but surely it can better. Who will pass up on the opportunity to make their concrete look better by adding color? you certainly would not want to miss this. Actually, we can offer you many options for how you can add color to your concrete. But overall, concrete staining will still be our top recommendation. This is also likely the top choice of all other concrete contractors near you.

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Unlike painting the concrete or dyeing it, the staining method adds a unique and subtle coloring on the concrete. The chemical that acts as the colorant penetrates through the whole concrete. It is different from paint where the pigment is just sticking on the surface. Painting concrete is fine, but among the problems that may be encountered with it will include peeling and cracking. This will not be a problem for stained concrete since the concrete itself has absorbed the color. Even if the concrete chips or breaks, the concrete underneath will still have the same color.

We are a Oakland -based concrete contractor who offers this service. If you are interested, feel free to contact us through (510) 945-1192.

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