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Concrete Retaining Walls Oakland

Not every home will be an appropriate candidate for having a retaining wall built in place. There is a category of homes where a retaining wall is a must. This is based on the location and topography of the site of your residential property. Are you building a house in a mountainous area? Or maybe in a place will rolling land? Or maybe there is an exposed slope where your house will stand. If any of this is applicable to you, then you should get in touch with a concrete company in your area to have this planned.

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It is truly great and unique to have a home somewhere with a different topography. But the trouble may be the presence of an exposed slope. Slopes like this can put you and your property at risk for soil erosions. These may happen spontaneously or when triggered by rain. We want to avoid this as much as possible for safety and to prevent unwanted damages to your property. Hence, a retaining wall will be a great preventive measure for this. Concrete can make an exposed slope more stable, but best if reinforced.

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